How do you type Spanish question marks?

Answered by Sandy G.Spanish

To type the Spanish inverted question mark “¿” on U.S. English keyboards using Microsoft Windows, use the Alt code method by holding down the Alt key and pressing 0191, 6824 or 168 on the number pad.

To type the inverted exclamation mark “¡” use the number pad code 0161 or 173.

To type these marks using Microsoft Word, hold down the Ctrl, Alt and shift keys and type a normal question or exclamation mark. If you are using a Spanish keyboard, the marks can be typed at the beginning of a sentence by using the proper keys.

Users of English keyboard layouts can also switch to the US-International layout to convert the Alt key to the right of the space bar into the Alt-Gr (graphics) key. When this key is held down, new characters will appear when pressing other keys. For instance, Right-Alt-1 produces the Spanish inverted exclamation mark, and Right-Alt-/ produces the inverted question mark.

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