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Pimsleur Approach’s Ultimate International Film Guide: Test Your Foreign Language Film Knowledge!

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Getting absorbed in international cinema is a superb way of bettering your language skills. If you’re still deciding which language to learn next, watching a selection of foreign films just might help you choose. And as our International Film Vault suggests, foreign films aren’t merely a language aid; they also help you become knowledgeable on […]

Face Off! Battles Between Foreign Movies and Their Hollywood Remakes

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Foreign vs. American

Foreign originals vs. their American remakes The original foreign film is always superior to its clumsy American remake, right? We decided to put this to the test by comparing an action, a comedy and a horror flick. See if you agree with us on these three… Gojira (1954) vs. Godzilla (1998) Special effects: Action films […]

Santa is a Pervert, and 49 Other Crazy Movie Translations

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Crazy Movie Translations

What would you guess a movie called “Crystal Jungle” is about? How about “Mr. Cat Poop”? Respectively, they are Die Hard and As Good as It Gets, revealing the wondrous and sometimes downright bizarre world of movie title translation. Although there often seems to be no method to the madness, we found that the translations […]

How the French New Wave Shook Up the 1950s

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French New Wave

…and why you need to see them. They’re laconic, ooze cool, and usually come in black and white. Nope, not Laurel and Hardy—we’re talking about French New Wave or Nouvelle Vague films. Emerging in the late 1950s, the golden era of Nouvelle Vague lasted until the mid-1960s, shaking up the international film industry by breaking […]

5 Unmissable French Movies for Beginners

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The Five Best French Movies for Beginners The world of French cinema is an extensive and diverse one. Since the Lumière brothers created moving pictures, the French have held the title as the founders of modern cinema and remained the sculptors of the silver screen. A little history After the outbreak of WWI, the desire […]

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