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The Insider’s Guide to Italian Etiquette: From Body Language To Table Manners

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Itanian Manners

In unfamiliar cultures, it’s easy to unintentionally be rude. Something acceptable in one country may be offensive in another. As for language, you may inadvertently offend, even when trying to compliment. These tips will help you survive the intricate maze of etiquette during your Italian visit. When Italians recognize you’re a foreigner they’ll likely not […]

Make-a-Wish Night in Italy

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Make a Wish - Feature

If you happen to be in Italy during the first half of August, you’ve got a date to save – it’s the Notte di San Lorenzo – St. Lawrence Night! On the 10th of August, an old tradition takes place in every corner of the country – people stay up late at night to look out […]

Italian food: A World of Excitement and Delight

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If you think you like Italian food, you’ll be in for a world of excitement and delight when you travel to Rome, Florence, Venice, or any other area or region of Italy. The food you’ll discover in Italy, though, is unlike what you’ll experience in the United States. In many times, it’s even better than […]

Divine Ravello: Italy’s Southern Gem

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Each summer the southern Italian village of Ravello receives thousands of visitors. Ruined palazzos, Moorish architecture, medieval gardens and stunning views are just a few of the reasons why people flock to this place. However, despite the thousands of visitors – including past celebrities and artistic types like Richard Wagner, Greta Garbo, Virginia Woolf, E.M […]

Warning, Italian-English “False Cognates” or “False Friends”

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Italian and English may look as two worlds apart, so you may think you’re safe from the so-called “false friends”… well, bad news – you’re wrong, sorry! There’s actually a long, ridiculously long list of those words that look or sound like their English counterpart, but that actually mean something slightly – or completely!- different. […]

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