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Battle of the Languages: Spanish vs. German – What Language is Right for You?

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Choosing what language to learn isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. There are all sorts of criteria to weigh before you take the plunge. With our Battle of the Languages series, we’re examining the pros, the cons, the what’s, how’s and whys of learning different languages, which may help you reach a decision. […]

How Native American Culture Influenced the American English Language

Laura Mundow • Language HistoryComments (16)

As the end of Native American Heritage Month draws closer, we look at how the hundreds of native languages influenced the English of the settlers. In the early 1400s, North America was a thriving hive of linguistic diversity, with languages as comparably disparate as English and Chinese spoken alongside each other. In fact, the continent’s […]

Boise, Idaho’s Basque Community

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Boise, Idaho’s Basque Community

The Basque Country is the home of the Basque people, situated in a region between northeast Spain and northwest France. The Basque Country was granted autonomy under the Spanish Constitution in 1978. Under this declaration, the Basque Country is a self-governing region, which means the small nation may, among other things, name itself based on […]

Understanding ‘Kiwi Speak’

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New Zealanders have a unique way of speaking that often has tourists – even fellow native English speakers – throwing up their hands in despair. “Kiwi speak” or “New Zild”, as New Zealand English is jokingly referred to, has a tendency to be fast-paced, peppered with slang and finished off with an inflection which sounds […]

The Future of the English Language

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English - Feature

Many of us have strong opinions about our beloved English language (whether US or UK) and how it should be used. But history tells us that language never stays still for long. What can we expect from the English language of the future? Will it relate to the language we know now? Will we even […]

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