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Exploring Dothraki & Other Famous Artlangs from Game of Thrones

Laura Mundow • April 1, 2014 • Language LearningComments (0)
Original Image by: MrSvein872,; edited.

Are you excited about the Game of Thrones Season Four premiere on April 6th? Here at Pimsleur Approach, we certainly are! To celebrate its return, we’ve decided to explore the constructed language spoken in the show, Dothraki, and other famous “artlangs” as well. Artlangs – languages, which are constructed specifically for use in a book, film [...]

Perfecting the Art of Language Learning: A Story Told by Pimsleur’s Customer of the Month

Pimsleur Approach • March 28, 2014 • Language LearningComments (0)
Image Credit: @ Think Stock dot com

by Jessica Hayes | With globalization making emigration a way of life, we’re now exposed to other languages more than ever before. Today, learning a new language is not just about connecting with people in far off countries, but about connecting with people right on your doorstep. Our customers know this. They regularly tell [...]

March Chatterbox: Google’s Updated Translation App, Video Games Can Help Dyslexia And More!

Pimsleur Approach • March 21, 2014 • Language LearningComments (0)
Image Credit: @ Think Stock dot com

Welcome to this month’s Chatterbox! We have all the important language-learning news, scientific developments and advice, as well as a blog we know you’ll love. Enjoy this month’s Chatterbox – and feel free to contribute your suggestions for next month! The Science of Language Scientists at UCSF have partly figured out how the brain hears [...]

Movin’ on up! Why Investing in a 2nd Language Could Help You Professionally

Laura Mundow • March 18, 2014 • Language LearningComments (0)
Image Credit: @ Think Stock dot com

Picture this scenario. An employer is poring over two résumés, each with stellar qualifications and years of experience. Just one thing separates the two: Candidate A speaks three languages; Candidate B speaks one. Which candidate do you think the employer will select? As the world continues to morph into a global village, language skills are [...]

Plotting the Brainscape: The Easy Guide to How Language Learning Works With Your Brain

Laura Mundow • March 4, 2014 • Language LearningComments (0)

The study of how the brain acquires a first language is relatively young, and the study of how it acquires a second is a mere ingénue. For most of neuroscience’s timeline, we have been woefully ignorant about what happens in the brain when we learn language. But thanks to great, galloping leaps in technology and [...]

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