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Celebrating Women in History: Latin America

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Women in History - Latin American

Every March, Women’s History Month is celebrated around the world. Its goal is to recognize the generations of women who have shaped and changed our world and smashed records and perceptions. This week, we list five Latin American women who we are most inspired by, from the fields of art, literature, politics, science and activism. […]

Exploring Mexico’s Mayan Heritage

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Ancient knowledge still exists all over Mexico. Indigenous populations that live in the mountains have survived countless conquests to defend their land and continue to practice traditions passed down to them by their ancient ancestors. The south of Mexico, extending into Guatemala, is the territory of the Maya, recognized as one of the most profoundly […]

History of Spain: Part I

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In The Beginning… Cave Paintings of Altamira (Image via Wikipedia) People have lived in Spain for thousands and thousands of years. Of the many abundant prehistoric remains in Spain, the most impressive are the caves of Altamira on the northern Atlantic coast. There, Stone Age artists painted bison, stags and horses on the cave wall […]

The History of Peru’s Shining Path

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Shining Path, also known by the Spanish name Sendero Luminoso, is a Maoist revolutionary organization that has operated in Peru for more than 40 years. At the time of its founding, the group intended to instigate a cultural revolution and hoped to install a communist dictatorship to replace what it referred to as Peru’s “bourgeois […]

The Peruvian Amazon and Parque Nacional del Manu

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If you long for a truly exotic adventure, then you can’t find a more exciting destination than the Amazon region of Peru. Eastern Peru is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world and features dense rainforests, spectacular wildlife and indigenous tribes. Parque Nacional del Manu lies in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. […]

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