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All Aboard! Five of The World’s Great Rail Journeys

Pimsleur Approach • June 14, 2013 • Travel tipsComments (1)

Many experienced travelers say that touring by train is the most civilized way to travel.Oh, sure, you can hop on a plane and get to your destination in no time flat, while you munch on a tiny bag of pretzels and listen to the passenger sitting next to you snore, but who needs that? Imagine […]

UK Microbreweries! Your Complete Guide To Britain’s Pint-Sized Heroes

Pimsleur Approach • June 7, 2013 • Food & Wine, Travel tipsComments (0)

Beer has always been big in Britain. Until a couple of centuries ago, it was considered a nutritious foodstuff and fed to children and babies. Right now, beer here is bigger than it’s been in a long time. There are more breweries in the UK today than there have been for 70 years. Importantly, there’s […]

Traveling Alone? Here’s 5 Ultimate Destinations For The Solo Adventurer

Pimsleur Approach • June 5, 2013 • Travel tipsComments (0)
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Many travel destinations cater to couples. Those ads for the all-inclusive resorts that show gleefully cavorting couples silhouetted again the ocean can really put a damper in a single person’s enthusiasm for traveling. There is no reason for despair, however, because plenty of world destinations not only welcome singles but are considered to be very […]

Stargazing In Tuscany: Your Guide To An Enchanting Italian Pastime

Pimsleur Approach • May 31, 2013 • Travel tipsComments (0)

Were it not for Italy’s rebel astronomer, Galileo Galilei, the Tuscan pastime of stargazing would perhaps not hold the historic gravity, mystery and intrigue it does today. When looking up at the night sky to behold the heavens, Tuscans give a nod to Pisa’s favorite son: physicist, mathematician and consummate inventor, Galileo Galilei. It’s an […]

Monkeying Around in Panama’s Eco-Retreat

Pimsleur Approach • May 3, 2013 • Travel tipsComments (1)
Eco Tourism - Feature

Nestled in the lush jungle mountainside of the Chiriqui Provence in Northwestern Panama is the Alouatta Sanctuary. An ecotourism destination, the sanctuary offers guided jungle walks, yoga classes and presentations about its local conservation efforts with resident wildlife specialists. Ecotourism In the last ten years, Panama’s ecotourism industry has taken off. With a significant emphasis […]

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