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This Month’s Round-Up Includes Roller Derbies, Yodeling, Atomic Bombs and Incredinburgh


Let’s start this month’s round-up with a worldwide selection of inspirational travel videos from the ever-reliable British newspaper The Guardian. There’s this little piece about surfing on the southern coastline of Morocco, this behind-the-scenes video about the roller derby in Austin, Texas, and this wonderful tale of hill-walking on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. For fans of world music, there’s also this brilliant in-depth profile of the legendary Nigerian multi-instrumentalist Fela Kuti, who died fifteen years ago this month.

Elsewhere on the web, some other videos we are particularly enamored with this last month include this unique ‘hyper-lapse’ perspective of Berlin, Germany, this very quick but rather sweet guide to Prague, Czech Republic, and this introduction via land, air and sea to the beautiful Kaua’i Island, Hawaii. And, for those wanting a more topical travel video, here’s the Disney Fantasy cruise ship caught in Storm Sandy.


As we started the video section with some Guardian appreciation, let’s start the photo section with BBC love. Here’s a fascinating insight into Taiwan’s annual Taoist boat-burning festival, here’s a selection of Autumn colors from New York to Kyoto, and here’s a beautiful architectural snapshot of Los Angeles. Oh, and then there’s this wonderful slideshow we missed last month: Austria’s First Yodel Hiking Trail.

This month also saw the announcement of the Nature Photo Awards, with Paul Nicklen’s extraordinary ‘Bubble-Jetting Emperors’ taking the top prize. But for those who like a narrative to go with their snaps, the BBC’s biggest rival this month has to be the New York Times, with a range of slideshows varying from this tour of the Republic of Ireland to this look at Nepal’s Mustang region to this brief intro to Barcelona.


Our favorite travel information website discovered this month has to be Railways of the World. It may not be the most professional-looking site, but it has all the info any globetrotting train-spotter needs.

As for inspiration travel articles, this month has been all about China. This LA Times piece on Cormorant Fishing in Yunnan offered an unusual slice of Chinese life, while The Austalian’s piece on cycling through Beijing introduced some very interesting local characters. The Independent regaled us with a hedonist’s guide to Shanghai, while Wanderlust told of the country’s plans to open an atomic bomb site to tourists.

However, perhaps the most interesting article in October was the story of a man who traveled so young that he no longer has a place to call home. The fact he is the world’s greatest soccer player is incidental.

And, sticking with soccer, here is a travel guide to Rome (in Italian) by local club legend Francesco Totti.

News & Events

Without doubt, the biggest travel news this month came from 24 miles above the earth’s surface, where Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner jumped out of a big balloon and hurtled towards the desert below. Experts believe he broke the sound barrier on his way down, but why not listen and decide for yourself?

Most other noteworthy travel news in October comes from various parts of the UK, including the rise of the ‘no embarrassment’ body scannerthe planned opening of a new Robin Hood attraction in Sherwood Forest, and the huge backlash against the lazy tourist board rebranding of Edinburgh as ‘Incredinburgh’.

As for the coming month, November boasts two of the world’s most popular international festivals. The first is Diwala in India, a five-day festival that aims to unite all local creeds and religions and sees homes across India lit with lamps and candles to ward off evil, and the second is the Day of the Dead in Mexico, where the worlds of the living and dead come together in a two-day spectacular of color, food and drink.

Of course, there are many more world events in November, but we’ll let you discover those for yourself!


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