Why It’s Good to Be Single

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Learn Why It's Good to Be Single

Still not convinced? Maybe it’s time to learn one of the languages of love – French or Italian.

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48 Responses to “ Why It’s Good to Be Single ”

  1. Im a married woman and our marriage started to get sour after 12 years. I agree with you.

  2. Kacey says:

    Married people spend more money on dating than single people? How does that logic work?

  3. Sara says:

    It seems like the title of this piece should be “Why it”s Good to be a Lonely Recluse”.

  4. Aaron says:

    And what about those who have been happily married for 33 years. Was it a waste to even pursue marriage? I think this is a crock of you know what. The people are the ones who make their own destinies.

  5. WTFsNext says:

    I’ll take my girlfriend over all your IPads, Godiva chocolates, World of Warcrafts and Starbucks coffees any day…just saying.

  6. Loller says:

    So, according to the writer of this drivel, the top alternatives to having a relationship are an IPad and World of Warcraft? I think it”s clear who deserves whose pity.

    Married 17 years and counting, btw.

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  8. Kisses says:

    Why is everyone gettin all serious? All those are true, I”m happy all you are happily married, so quit hatin on the funny article… jeeze married people are so uptight!

  9. Hananh says:

    BAHAHAHAHHAHA World of war craft? no wonder they are alone…..

  10. o says:

    These are statistics, not the writers opinions. It”s not their fault for how you”re interpretting them.

  11. Robyn says:

    Why would anyone want to go through this life all alone? I”ve been married over 25 years and it hasn”t been easy-that”s life. Marriage comes packaged in commitment, not candy wrappers. It”s not for the weak or the selfish. It takes a lot of strength and giving. If all you care about it yourself, then please do remain single. You”ll be doing everyone a favor. But one day, when all you have is you, and your stuff, you will discover that you really have nothing at all…. and nobody there who will care.

  12. NappyBunny says:

    I”m single, and this composite doesn”t entice me to stay that way at all. This was probably written by mouth-breathing mom”s-basement-dwellers who can”t get a date if they tried.

  13. Rebecca says:

    Yeah I here being lonely for the rest of your life is the best option isn”t it. Maybe you should spend less time researching statistics and making pointless diagrams, and more time FINDING SOMEONE TO MARRY. Just take a look at the couple who”ve been married 85 years.

  14. Heheheh says:

    Wow… all the married couples commenting sound super bitter. HAHAHAHA.

  15. SingleMe says:

    Wow, all the married people commenting really feel the need to sound superior. You must be right – no one could possibly be happy with any other lifestyle, and there is no alternative to marriage other than being Hopeless and Alone. Because only if you tie someone to you with a legal and/or religious contract can you actually count on him or her to stick around.

    Do you all disdain/distrust your spouses that much? Or is it self-hate?

    I”m sure there are happily married, together forever people… just doesn”t sound like any of you.

  16. TN Franklin says:

    Great list, thanks for sharing ! I”m happy and single this Valentines day! Can”t rush anything, marriage included. If it happens, it happens but who can foresee where any relationship will go.

  17. Tanya says:

    I joined World of Warcraft to spend less time with my spouse.
    Because, seriously, after more than a decade with the same person (AND NOT HATING THEM) is an epic win!

    I love how the only options afforded in the article seems to be
    a) marriage
    b) pathetic video game addiction or Starbucks overconsumption.

    There are other options. Not all marriages require fidelity (to screw the same person the rest of your days)…

    Love can be deep and lasting and intimate and powerful…
    and NOT be exclusive….

    Open your minds, people.
    And if you”re one of the brave and curious… Open your relationships.

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  19. Shelley B says:

    hello, First time poster and glad to be a part of the discussion.

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  22. Jochen Goerdts says:

    it”s over 9k.

  23. Thea says:

    I”m amused by the article but even more so by the comments made on it. It”s not deadly serious, it”s just a bit of entertainment.
    I don”t think anyone really intends on going through life entirely alone, but in the mean time while us single people search for someone to share it with we can drink a shitload of coffee and eat chocolate! It”s all good.

    I hope everyone had an awesome Valentines :D No matter if you spent in with your friends, your loved one or your computer.

  24. @alphalim says:

    The grapes; they be sour.

  25. Horace Soles says:

    Well it is great to have somebody else”s perspective on things don”t you think? Makes you begin to think properly and openly, and so i appreciate your leaning on things, despite the fact that I may not go along with all you say.

  26. Ina Saechao says:

    It is remarkable just how varied a range of thoughts one finds through the web. I may not agree with everything you state, however it does force you to perhaps sit back and re-think your own bias and habits. So thanks for that.

  27. Stephanie says:

    Boy this a VERY pessimistic view on marriage! Sorry – I don”t buy it.
    First of all, people need to choose their mates much more wisely.

    - Happily married people live longer and are happier.
    - Married people have more sex and are more sexually satisfied – we are not taking about the unhappily married here.
    - Being married is better financially for you – our country”s tax system benefits the married – singles get taxed at higher rates.
    - Married men make more money than single men.

    Though I agree marriage is not for everyone- who the heck wants to be single forever? Two is always better than one! My two cents.

  28. Musa1961 says:

    Leaving single is a clear manifestation of a gross psychological complex… Tha Nature must be answered

  29. Vivek Parmar says:

    Being single is not a crime, its your talent that no girl convince you for relationship and single persons are too happy as compared to those who are in relationship.
    Thanks for sharing such a great infographic

  30. Mikey says:

    To be alone, you don”t need any special ability. Just be lazy, jobless, selfish, rude, useless, irresponsible, and don”t know nothing. To cooperate with others or to be in a good relationship, you need many good abilities starting from personality and material status to mental qualities such as being patient, strong, kind, polite, educated, etc.
    One of my friends” father is divorced and stays alone. He”s short-tempered and can”t get along with anybody. A few months ago, he passed out in his shower room for two days and nobody knew and couldn”t move. My friend called to his father from abroad and he didn”t pick up phone for 2 days so he called his mother”s home to go to knock his door. But no reply. On the third day, he had to call his mother to call the police and break the lock to get inside the home and found out he passed out on the floor without clothe. Just found out 1 day later, he won”t have life left. Until now his father can”t talk and walk yet. Only if there”s someone at home, they could have sent him to hospital earlier.
    Yeah, talking about being alone sounds fun and easy, in fact, being lonely is one of the most horrible hell in the world. I used to be lonely and depressed because I was broke and family problems, etc. At the period, I don”t even remember how many times I thought about suicide. Being lonely sucks.
    Even monks who choose not to get married still stay and interact with other monks in the monks community at the temple.
    People say with family and community for many reasons. To share good times and pass difficult times together. There will come a time we wish there would be someone who would boil a delicious soup for us because we can”t move anymore and no teeth left. There will come a time we wish there would be someone beside us to cheer and take care us warmly when we”re in the hospital bed.
    As mentioned above, it is easy to be alone and hard to be in harmony. But it is very worth and important that we”ve good family and friendships in our life. The major cause of being lonely is “selfishness”. If you keep thinking only “for me for me for me” and “me me me” ,and doing only for your own sake, even the cats and dogs at your home will run away from you. It is easy because there”s no reward. It is hard because there is a big reward at the end.

  31. Married says:

    I been married about 11 years LOOOONG years I might add, just what we all need some craggly beep to have to come home to everyday, and for the very very very few that have been together forever they sure have put up with one another”s s**t, so I think single is pretty darn great!!!! I sure screwed up by getting married, NEVER again after this!!

    • Single Girl says:

      “Married” are you divorced yet? If not file now if you are not at all happy with your life, or are you one of the guys going through the bullshit called “mid-life crisis”? Which is another term for “I am selfish and only wanting to think of myself”. Do your wife and yourself a favor…end it.

  32. Famous Quotes says:

    I loved the post. Very smart and true!

  33. S says:

    Another attack on family.

    Good, I applaud you: the sooner you die out, the sooner I don’t have to deal with your moronic whining anymore.

    • Pimsleur Approach says:

      Hi! Thanks for your comment. This post is clearly in the jokes and humor category, and really not meant to be an attack on anything. Thanks for reading our blog!

  34. Meiliken says:

    Which is better? Being alone, or being with someone that will betray you? All people will betray you, fact. All people are untrustworthy. They have no honor. Dying happy is a fairy tale. But then, people like believing in fairy tales, hence religion. The more you look at reality, the more you know people are worthless.

  35. monstermann says:

    wow once i saw that 250 years of warcraft thing just made me not want to be single.

  36. Murphy says:

    If one out of 10 have screwed up marriages, the 9 out of 10 is a really high number of better marriages. Your going in favor of the small factors.

  37. John says:

    I don’t agree because it’s very difficult to stay single in our whole life.One day you need a partner to share your feelings, emotions and some personal talks in various stages of life.

  38. Al says:

    A lot of people here are automatically assuming that by “being single” means that you need to LIVE A LONELY RECLUSIVE HERMIT-LIKE LIFE! That is not what I’m interpreting from this piece. Being single means that you are free to be with anyone, or more if you prefer, at anytime you like. Also the part where it says married couples incur $40K plus while dating, you can bet the cost is probably EVEN MORE if you remained single all your life (at least for us guys anyway).

  39. single in 30's and rocking says:

    i notice 2 things here..1) the married people are forcing the single to accept the married life. they sound so harsh and bitter and very loud . 2 ) single people here,sounds more relax by making some jokes here.we are cool….Conclusion … singles sound more happier than those who are married…

  40. JaceA says:

    I’m married and I get laid 2 or 3 times a day. I’ll take that over unlimited World of Warcraft anyday

  41. Cal says:

    Hmmmmm, seems like excuses to stay single to me. I have been single most of my life. They happiest times I’ve had have been in this past year. I finally found someone who loves me for me. Stop being bitter to others because you are single. i understand it hurts. I was there for over 20 years. (how long it was till I had my 1st bf) But life is much better with someone.

  42. Chris Monaco says:

    Well I was in a relationship a serious relationship for the last five years for whatever reason the woman I was with you cited you no longer want to be with me I can tell you one thing I am a very lonely man since I’ve lost but statistics are statistics and unfortunately the accuracy is pretty spot on people don’t want to put the work in those necessary to keep a relationship going and it is a lot of work

  43. Rosie Atkins says:

    Well what i think about relationships,.is that everything isn’t going to be all peaches and cream and yes it does comes with commitment. But i think people should try to get to know one another so that they don’t have to go through the rough patches in there life or relationships..I mean that’s life it’s like you never know what you are going to get out of it so I just say do your best and what’s good for you and your family

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