Top Locations for Nature Lovers in France

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While most people go to France for the culture, this is a country of great natural beauty as well, with huge variety in the landscape and rich plant and animal life to discover. Here are some of the top locations for exploring the natural wonders of France.

Camargue - France Nature Lover

Camargue - Image via Wikipedia


On Provence’s Mediterranean coast, south of the picturesque town of Arles, the Camargue is an area with a unique landscape of ecologically diverse wetlands, rich pastures, lagoons and salt marshes. Formed by the Rhône delta, the Parc naturel régional de Camargue was designated in 1970. Here you can discover hundreds of species of birds, including some of the only flamingoes to be found in Europe. The real symbols of the Camargue, however, are the black bulls and white horses that thrive on its pastures. The area’s natural resource—sea salt—is harvested throughout the summer by using natural evaporation from brine pans. These artificial ponds, far from disrupting the local wildlife, provide a habit for many types of waterfowl.

Parc national du Mercantour - France Nature Lover

Parc national du Mercantour - Image via Wikipedia

Parc national du Mercantour

The countryside of the Alpes-Maritimes offers some dramatic landscapes, with “rugged” being the buzzword. This mountainous region boasts high peaks and deep gorges, as well as the Vallée des Merveilles (valley of marvels), which contains thousands of ancient petroglyphs carved into the rock. As well as this aspect of human history, the area offers some rare flora and fauna, from delicate edelweiss to agile ibex. But the spirit of this vertiginous area is undoubtedly embodied in the chamois, a small, hardy goat, which can eat almost anything, and is well-adapted to survive in the sometimes harsh mountainous conditions. There are plenty of large mammals here too, and you might also look out for deer, wild boar and even wolves, as well as large birds of prey like buzzards and golden eagles.


Brittany - France Nature Lover

Brittany - Image via Wikipedia

In France’s northern half, you will rarely find great weather in Brittany, but its dramatic Atlantic coast and unique folk traditions make it a great place to visit. With bizarre prehistoric megaliths and rich sea and woodland life, it teems with natural wonders. Brittany’s Parc naturel régional d’Armorique offers a bewilderingly diverse landscape, from hilly mounds to flat beaches, rivers and swamps to dense oak forests, and you’ll find sea birds, birds of prey, otters and beavers here. There is something other-worldly about much of this area. Nowhere is this more true than in Huelgoat, where water, woods and bizarre rock formations create a magical feel. Little wonder that the area has long been associated with the legend of King Arthur. The Brittany coast, meanwhile, offers rugged cliffs and wide beaches, ideal for walking and bicycling.

Pyrenees - France Nature Lover

Pyrénées - Image Via Wikipedia


The mountain range that forms the natural border between France and Spain offers stunning scenery and fascinating wildlife in equal measure. The best of both will be found at the Parc national des Pyrénées, created in 1967. With over 200 miles of well-signposted footpaths, the Park is ideal for hiking and offers a rewarding trek. Important mountain flora like the Pyrenean Fritillary and Turk’s Cap Lily are found here, along with a huge wealth of animal life. From small mammals like civets and stoats, to large, slightly more intimidating ones like the lynx and Pyrenean bear, the diversity of this region’s wildlife proves it is truly unspoiled. On the wing, look out for rare species of butterfly and birds of prey ranging from Egyptian vultures to griffons.

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