Sales: Do You Speak Your Client’s Language – Literally?

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If you are in sales, you know the value of communication to your profession. How effectively you communicate your product or service to your potential clients can make or break you in sales. Being proficient in communicating your message is hard enough in your own language but nearly impossible when you have a language barrier.

In our multi-cultural society, the benefit of being bi or multi-lingual is increasingly valuable. In sales, it could make you an indispensable commodity. Whether you sell cars or are in business-to-business sales, in most regions there is a need for professionals who can speak other languages.

5 benefits to the salesperson from learning a second language

As a sale professional, you are aware that to succeed in sales, you must prove a need or benefit to the customer if you have any hope to sell them on your product or service. The same goes for selling yourself on learning a new language. Here are some benefits to consider:

  1. Increase your sales potential. The sales profession is about numbers, plain and simple. The more sales calls or potential clients you talk to, the larger potential you have for creating sales. By adding a second language, you increase the amount of potential clients you can sell to, and in turn, increase your earning potential.
  2. Weeding out the competition. By knowing another language, you will be able to communicate with potential customers that others cannot. This goes for competition for sales within your own company and other competitors as well.
  3. Increase your worth. In an increasingly competitive work market, setting yourself apart from your co-workers can make you more valuable in your current position and make you desirable to potential employers. Learning another language can have that effect.
  4. Translating your pitch. Any sales person who has had to try to sell through an interpreter knows how frustrating it can be. If the decision maker does not speak your language, you are relying on someone else (often a family member) to tell them your “pitch” and you have no idea what exactly they are communicating and what the decision maker’s true objections may be. Even if you only know the basics of their language, knowing enough to understand what is being said can be invaluable in sales!
  5. Referrals and retention. Referrals are generally the bread and butter of any sales organization. Speaking a second language can be a phenomenal way to get referrals, as clients will refer their friends and family to you since you speak their language. Retention can also be affected in account sales with clients who speak your new language since your communication will be better and set you apart from other companies and sales representatives.

Adding another language to your skill set can set you apart as a sales person and as a professional. It shows a commitment to becoming the best sales professional you can be. If you are looking for a way to set yourself apart and achieve success, this is one weapon you should consider adding to your arsenal.

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