Make New Friends in Français! A Guide to French Greetings & Introductions

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When traveling to France, take the opportunity to introduce yourself with confidence and make new friends. Here, we share with you essential words and phrases that will come in handy when making new acquaintances.

Remember, when meeting someone new, to always use the formal vous instead of the more informal tu, which is reserved for friends and people you know well. When addressing a stranger, the tu form can be considered odd or insulting.

Let’s get started:

Phrase in French Phrase in English Pronunciation
1 Bonjour Hello/Good day Bon-zhoor
2 Je m’appelle… My name is… Zhuh mah-pell…
3 Comment allez-vous ? How are you? (formal) Com-ohn taal-lay voo ?
4 Je vais bien. I am well. Zhuh vay bee-ahn
5 Au revoir. Goodbye. Oh ruh-vwar
6 À bientôt ! See you soon! Ahh bee-ehn toe !
7 S’il vous plaît Please Sill voo play
8 Merci. Thankyou. Mehr-see
9 De rien. You’re welcome. Duh ree-ehn
10 Excusez-moi/Excuse-moi Excuse me (Formal/Informal) Ex-kyoo-zay mwah
11 Est-ce que vous parlez anglais ? Do you speak English? Ess kuh voo parlay awng-lay ?
12 Comment vous appelez-vous ? Je me suis vraiment bien What is your name? Com-ohn voo zah-puh-lay voo ? Zhuh muh swee vray-mohn
13 amusé(e). I had a wonderful time. bee-ehn nam-yoo-zay
14 Êtes-vous sur Facebook ? Quel est votre numéro de Are you on Facebook? Et voo syur Face-book ? Kell eh voh-truh new-meh-roe
15 téléphone ? What is your phone number? duh tay-lay-phone?


00 Slang/Commonly Used Expressions


Laissez-moi tranquille ! Leave me alone! Lay-say mwah trahn-keel

00 Expression in French Expression in English Pronunciation
Quoi de neuf ? What’s new?/What’s up? (informal) Kwah duh nuhf?
 plus ! Later, bye for now (informal). (When used as a text message, written as à +) Ah ploos!


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