Prost to Language-Learning! Why German For Children Will Get Them Ahead

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We live in a truly global community where the ability to speak more than one language offers more than just convenience when traveling. Businesses expand to create a worldwide presence. There is more competition for good college educations and jobs. People must use every advantage available to them to increase their earning power, and their staying power in the job market.

You can help your kids prepare for the future by encouraging an interest in global affairs, and in foreign language. If your kids are still pretty young now, by the time they graduate from college and get jobs, the world is going to be very different. Being able to speak German, a language that is important in economic and business arenas, is going to put them in excellent positions to build rewarding and lucrative careers. But German language lessons can also help your kids in other ways. Here’s how:

Bilingual Kids Perform Better in School

Whether your kids study German or any other foreign language at an earlier age, they’ll do better in school. This is particularly true of classes that require problem-solving skills and logical thinking, like math and science, two areas where the United States lags behind other countries. Math is a necessary skill for career fields ranging from medicine to aerospace technology, an industry where Germany excels. Learning German now will enhance your child’s school performance all through high school. Language skills can also improve the ability to perform well on tests like the SATs, which will help him get into a better college and pursue a career in a rewarding field.

Besides helping your child perform better in the formal setting of school, learning a language can enhance your child’s brain power overall. Learning a language forces the brain to work in a way it normally doesn’t when processing simpler information. More neural pathways are created, which basically means more brain power. This translates to better critical thinking skills, and better performance on literacy tests. Studies have also demonstrated that bilingual children possess better problem-solving skills than monolingual kids, which can serve them well in every area of their lives.

Bilingual People Have More Job Opportunities

You want your child to have as many job opportunities available to her as possible and for her to be successful and financially secure. Job market competition is at an all-time high and will only increase as more college graduates enter the workforce. One of the things employers will be looking for more often in the coming years is language skills. Help give your child an advantage by encouraging her to speak German.

Large corporations that maintain operations both in the United States and in Germany (or other European countries where German is spoken) need bilingual employees to effectively run their business. But big companies aren’t the only ones who value language skills. Small businesses located in areas with large German communities can benefit from having someone who speaks German on the staff. There may even be a business that imports good from Germany, and needs someone who can communicate with vendors. If your child wasn’t able to take German in high school, encourage him to seek it out in college. It will open up several job opportunities to him and make him much more attractive to employers.

Bilingual People Earn More

Those same companies that look for bilingual employees often value language skills so much that they’re willing to pay extra for them. They may offer a higher salary to someone who speaks German, or even annual bonuses tied to skill and proficiency. Your child’s German skills can also mean a longer tenure with a good company that doesn’t want to lose someone with such specialized skills.

In fact, a study showed that employees who are bilingual earn a 20 percent higher average hourly wage than those who are not. Now consider what that will mean over the life of your child’s career. It can be the difference between just getting by, and being quite comfortable. This is especially important in tumultuous economic situations.

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