It’s A Nice Day For a Red Wedding! Fashion Traditions From Around the Globe

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India - Red Sari
1. India – Red Sari

It’s a nice day for a…RED wedding? In India, it is traditional for brides to wear a stunningly beautiful, bright red sari when they wed. Red saris symbolize fertility, valor, and strength, making them a perfect choice for weddings and other festive occasions.

2. African – Tribal African JuJu Hat

Folks just don’t wear hats like they used to, at least in the United States. In African villages among tribal people, though, the juju hat is a must for prominent villagers and village leaders, because it symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

Germany - Lederhosen
3. Fiji – The Sulu

No, not Captain Sulu from Star Trek, the sulu worn in Fiji! This beautiful garment is the hottest thing going on the Fiji fashion scene due to its ability to be configured many different ways on the body, and it can be donned by both men and women.

4. Germany – Lederhosen:

Somehow, this garment really doesn’t look like it would be worn by a big burly guy stalking his next meal in the woods, but its original intent was for hunters, believe it or not. For reasons completely unknown to us, there’s just something about whole Lederhosen ensemble that makes some people giggle. Could it be the dainty cap with accompanying feather, the pulled-up kneesocks, or the decorative suspenders? What do you think?

5. Indonesia – Traditional Dress
Indonesia - Traditional Dress
The ties which bind us sometimes come in the form of clothing. This gorgeous traditional dress looks like it would be as fitting on a California girl at the beach as it is on the lovely lasses who wear it regularly in the rural areas of Indonesia.

6. UAE – Kandura

Luckily, American men don’t have to wear this long robe-like garment. Can you imagine how dirty it would get in the course of the day? Unlike US guys, males in the UAE change their clothes numerous times throughout the day, which keeps their outfits sparkling white.

7. Cambodia – Kheynorey Costume
Scotland - The Kilt
Unless you’re a Mummer , you probably haven’t gotten the pleasure of wearing something as gorgeously ornate as this traditional Cambodian costume. It symbolizes a mythological creature who is half human and half bird, sent from heaven.

8. Scotland – The Kilt
It may look like a skirt to us Yankees, but this traditional form of men’s clothing is as manly as it gets for guys in Scotland. After all, don’t forget Braveheart!


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