2013 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Interest

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Happy New Year
The first days of 2013 are here and the New Year brings the promise of a fresh start. It’s time to make your resolution(s) and strive to be a better person in 2013 whether that means losing weight, staying fit, starting a new hobby, ditching a bad habit, or learning something you’ve always wanted to.

Did you know that only 45% of Americans usually make New Year’s resolutions? Pimsleur Approach is here to help the other 55%. If you’re still searching for a goal in the New Year, take our New Year’s resolution generator for a spin. Or if you know what you’re looking for, we’ve compiled some of the best resolutions published so far for 2013 in the areas of health, fitness, career, money, education, hobbies, relationships, travel, organization, and pets.


Once again “losing weight” topped the list for the number one resolution in 2012, and it won’t be a surprise if it takes the number one spot again this year. With so many different weight loss and health options out there, it’s nice to hear what the experts agree on. It’s not always about the extreme changes that make a difference either, sometimes its just changing a few things in your daily activity that make a positive difference.

Huffington Post – 20 Health Experts Share Their Promises

Food 52 – Our 2013 New Year’s Resolutions


Going out and getting that expensive gym membership only works if you stick with it, and staying motivated is only half the battle. Sometimes it might be easier to break down your “goal” into more manageable portions. Consider making simple changes, or creating a schedule to accomplish the biggie.

FitSugar – 10 Resolutions So Simple They Can’t Be Broken…Seriously!

Danica’s Daily – My 2013 New Year’s Resolutions And Goals


With the economy as it is currently, its no wonder career oriented resolutions are such a focus. Consider these check-ups or advancement opportunities to give yourself that extra edge, or check out what your colleagues are doing and imitate the best of them.

The Daily Muse – 5 Career Resolutions Everyone Should Make in 2013

WSJ At Work Blog – Reader’s Career Resolutions for the New Year


Saving more and spending less came in at number three last year, and expect it to be just as high if not the number two spot for 2013. With so many distractions and ways to slip up on your personal finance, consider checking out these important but not so “fun” ideas to stay ahead of the game.

Financial Post – Melissa Leong gets tough on New Year’s Resolutions

Time Business and Money – The Top Money New Year’s Resolutions for 2013


The New Year is all about self-improvement and advancement in your personal life. And nothing ties in better than learning new things. This resolution usually tops the lists every year but always sounds a bit vague. Check out these lists for actionable learning opportunities from learning techniques to practical lessons.

The Next Web – Founders: Learning should be your top 2013 New Year’s resolution.

Education Week Teacher – Resolutions for 2013


Everyone likes to try new things, and even more so when they get bored or tired of repetitive tasks. Learning or trying a new hobby may seem like a daunting task to most, which is usually why there is a big push for it at the beginning of the new year. Check out these lists if you are looking for a new recreation or pastime that will have you instantly entertained.

Examiner – 10 Green Living Resolutions for 2013

New Yorker – Happy New Year: Pick up a New Skill


With each new year comes new ups and downs, experiences, feelings, emotions etc. No wonder why there are so many people focusing on bettering their relationships. Whether its spending more time with family, or how to get that guy/girl of your dreams, check out these relationship resolutions.

Care2 – 5 Relationship Resolutions to Make in 2013

GalTime – 50 Fun Family Resolutions for 2013


While many of the usual resolutions focus the “shoulds” in our lives, its okay to relax and plan to do something you “want” to do this year. Whether it’s to stay within the U.S. or venture further out to some exotic locations, chose one of these resolutions to add some excitement to 2013.
Gadling – 12 Offbeat Travel Ideas For 2013

CNN Travel – 8 travel resolutions for 2013


Becoming more organized is a constant thing that many people try to improve on. Like many other resolutions, the hardest part about this theme is not picking something intangible or abstract. Instead of trying to change your whole way of life, try picking a few things at a time to do differently. Breaking it down will be easier and you will see results almost immediately.
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Washington Post – Organizing resolutions you can keep

Memorable Mentions

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