Five Best Travel Podcasts

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Five Best Travel Podcasts

Five Best Travel Podcasts

There aren’t many aspects of traveling the world that are free. Flights, accommodation, museum entry, guidebooks… it’s an pricey past-time. Even so-called ‘free city tours’ usually incur a near-compulsory tip. But, if you look hard enough, there are free travel resources out there… and one of them is the podcast.

Coming a variety of forms, from general travel chatter to step-by-step audio guides, you will find all the downloadable travel information and advice you need somewhere out there. Of course, quality varies wildly, so to help you separate the wheat from the chaff here are our pick of the best travel podcasts.


A quirky podcast with a offbeat look at traveling, iKangaroo arms you with all the information you need to ‘Guide Yourself’ around some of world’s greatest cities. The best series of episodes they offer is the ‘Angels and Demons’ Rome walking tour, in which expert Chris Carriero takes you around the incredible art, architecture and history of the book’s locations for a total of more than 80 minutes. And if you have a smartphone, you can download the show as an app, with maps and images to help you find your way!

Indie Travel Podcast

Named as Lonely Planet’s ‘Best Podcast’ in 2009, and bestowed with many other awards since, the Indie Travel Podcast is a weekly entertainment show that combines independent travel stories with features on locations… throwing in the odd piece of good travel advice from experts (like doctors and hoteliers) along the way. The podcast website is also full of great videos and articles by travelers across the globe.

Rick Steves’…

An evergreen American with a boundless enthusiasm for all things European, Rick Steves’ podcast covers every corner of a varied continent, with titles including ‘Rick Steves’ Italy’, ‘Rick Steves’ Britain’ and ‘Rick Steves’ Turkey’. But it’s the way he covers those individual traits of a nation, dedicating entire swathes of audio time to a specific museum, church or historical tidbit, that really makes this podcast stand out.

US National Parks/Bowery Boys

Although entirely separate endeavors, these two podcasts together can provide the soundtrack to any great American adventure. The US National Parks podcast supplies the listener with each park rangers’ own personal guide to the natural wonders and wildlife within the park (we particularly recommend the Grand Canyon guide), while the Bowery Boys’ show offers a local’s Five Best Travel Podcastsperspective on New York, revealing some of thelesser-known highlights of the Big Apple (the Little Italy pizzeria podcast is a must-listen).

World Nomads

The always-entertaining World Nomads podcasts offer short audio phrasebooks for several languages – from Arabic to Hindi to Japanese. Each episode takes the form of a short conversation with a local, and uses a mixture of dry humor, repetition and association to make sure phrases really stick. And it’s not all about learning languages from far-flung places in the world… one of World Nomads’ enduringly popular podcasts is the hilarious ‘Guide to Aussie Slang’. Warning: it’s so funny, you may pee your Reg Grundies.

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