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You'll Start Speaking a New Language Easily in Just 10 Short Days. Strike Up Basic Conversation, Amaze Yourself and Stun the Locals!

The brain works in mysterious ways. For example, coaches tell top tennis players not to focus consciously when they serve, but to mentally picture each serve hitting the line. You've surely noticed how they say things like "everything seemed to go just right for me."

The Pimsleur Approach works in a similar way. It "goes right" for you because your
brain is wired to learn this way
– all you have to do is listen and respond, and you'll be on your way! So you pick up your new language the way you picked up your first language – conveniently.

Of course, you must commit to one thing. You must allow at least half an hour a day to pick up your new language. By listening, repeating and having little "conversations" with your teacher, it seeps into your mind.

You don't have to worry about formal lessons in verbs, nouns or prepositions. There is no linguistic theory. No homework or exercises to complete. You just find yourself speaking and understanding as you go along.

The way it works is simple. You play audio recordings, listen and repeat. Then you join in simple, every day conversations – the kind you really have in a country. Like meeting someone, introducing yourself, ordering a drink.

You can hear yourself speak, so you know how you're doing. Gradually the level gets a little more complex and you gain confidence and vocabulary. It is the sheer simplicity and ease which convinced large organizations and national intelligence agencies, whose people cannot afford to make mistakes, to turn to Pimsleur.

So why not give it a try? You can be the judge – prove to yourself it works, or you pay nothing.

He Amazed His Friends with His New Language

This is a true story from a man who had a language problem. It shows how quickly you get results with the Pimsleur Approach.

"I think that it's absolutely brilliant, I'm impressed! I used it the very first day and tried conversing with my friends. They are native speaking Germans and they were impressed!

I haven't told anyone yet that I'm using this so everyone is just complimenting my accent. I'm digging it myself!! I try to do it without any interruptions and sometimes I recap it at night before I go to bed.

I've even missed a few days and then went back to it, and I still remember everything that I practiced! I really don't know how Dr. Pimsleur did it!" - Michael F.

And if you'd like to try this remarkable method yourself, it's just a click away.

4 Key Scientific Principles Make Pimsleur So Easy

Dr. Pimsleur discovered that if you are reminded of new words or facts at gradually increasing intervals in a given period, something extraordinary happens. Each time you remember them longer than the time before. That's because the word or fact moves from your short-term to your long-term, permanent memory.

Have you noticed how in everyday conversation you come to understand what is said to you and "anticipate" the right reply? Dr. Pimsleur discovered how to initiate this dynamic "input/output" system and thus form new connections in your brain. Systematically asking you to understand and reply activates this principle of anticipation.

We don't normally use that many words in our native language. That's why no matter what language you want to speak, you only need to master a limited number of words to do so effectively. Those words give you a "framework" for accelerated language learning.

The Pimsleur Method centers on functional mastery. You speak and understand right from the very first session. Your brain does all the work: acquiring the sounds, feeling the rhythm, and getting the intonation right - just as you learned your first language.

You WILL Succeed-Just Make the Time-No Need to Struggle

Some things are so obvious and natural that we forget them – till someone points them out to us. It is obvious and natural that the only logical way to gain a new language is the way you learned your own language to start with, isn't it?

You heard adults speaking, and you copied them. You never thought "I am learning". You didn't even know what learning was.

You never got told, "This is a noun". "This is a verb". "Don't use a double negative."

No, you were immersed in the language. You listened, your brain took it in – then one day you started making sounds, and the sounds were right. There was no conscious effort.

That's how the Pimsleur Approach works. Listen, repeat, converse. And one day you're thrilled to know you have started speaking a wonderful new language – just as your family was thrilled when you spoke your first words all those years ago.

No more wondering how to ask the price. No trying to meet new people, or find your way around town, tongue-tied, without a word to say, feeling inadequate.

You'll have achieved what you set out to do!

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"Amaze yourself in 10 days
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You Learn a Language Without Trying
"The Pimsleur Approach, ... boil[s] down the essential elements of a foreign language so that beginners can acquire basic skills immediately..."

"Learn French while commuting, German while jogging, Spanish while cooking – all with NO WRITTEN MATERIALS!"

"Learn to habla espanol or parlez franςais before your next trip aboard...The interactive LESSONS CHALLENGE STUDENTS to use new words in conversation instead of memorize them."
"Developed by Paul Pimsleur, an extremely well respected, internationally-known language expert. He developed a special way of learning a language which is all audio, the way we first learned our language as a child."
Four Key Scientific Principles Make Pimsleur Approach So Effortless
By age four, a child has acquired the building blocks of a "first" language at a rate of about one item for every five hours of waking time exposed to the language in use. With this course, YOU can learn a new language at the rate of almost one item for every minute of Pimsleur training.
You WILL Succeed- Just Make the Time- No Need to Struggle
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Pimsleur Promise Try Pimsleur with confidence. We offer a no-risk, 100% unconditional, 30-day money back guarantee.

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