Learn a New Language - Course List

Use the Pimsleur Approach to start speaking a new language in only 10 days! Lock in fundamental language material after just one listen. Strike up basic conversations: Order a round of drinks. Go shopping. Get directions. Buy tickets... Amaze friends, family and shock locals! Pimsleur courses took over 40 years to develop and perfect. Just sit back, respond and let the audio guide you. Each CD has been scientifically sequenced to rapidly lock language material into your brain after just one listen. You'll absorb your new language easily without any reading, writing or computer use.

Let the Pimsleur Approach set your sites on new horizons...

"Very quick to start German. These tapes allow you to learn as quickly or slowly as you like. Also, the way that it is presented allowed me to retain the skills much longer than I was able to using book-and-tape methods. Perhaps most importantly, by learning aurally and practicing orally I DEVELOPED VERY GOOD PRONUNCIATION."

- Damien Del Russo, Dusseldorf, Germany

"The Pimsleur Approach IS THE BEST EVER! This is the best program available to learn a language on the market today. I know because I have audited a dozen of them. It is very simple. Just one side per day."

- D. M. Rothschild, Ph.D

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