Pimsleur Rapid Fluency Purchase Program

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About the Program
† Important Information: About the Pimsleur Rapid Fluency Purchase Program:

Your purchase of the Quick & Simple language course today also includes entry into the Pimsleur Rapid Fluency Purchase Program.

The Pimsleur Rapid Fluency Purchase Program is an incredibly easy way to try Pimsleur Approach's advanced Gold course series and with zero obligation to buy!

Our elite-level Gold course series - the same course purchased by the FBI - is hands down the best audio-based language learning course money can buy, helping you to learn a language faster than you ever thought possible.

While in the Pimsleur Rapid Fluency Purchase Program, you can expect the following:

A 30-Day Trial of Advanced Level 1:
  • About 30 days after you receive your Quick & Simple, we'll begin to ship you advanced level language courses starting with our Gold level 1, in the same language of the Quick & Simple you purchased.
  • The advanced level Pimsleur language course is yours to try completely for 30 days. Each advanced level Pimsleur course contains 30 lessons on 16 audio CDs.
Payment Information:
  • If you decide to keep the course, simply do nothing and we'll bill the same credit card provided today 4 easy monthly payments of $64.
  • If you decide you do not want the course or any future courses, simply call 1-877-802-5283 to return it within the 30-day trial period and pay nothing except for the return shipping cost.
Future Risk Free Trials of Advanced Level Courses and Payment Information:
  • As long as you wish to remain in the program, every 60 days thereafter you'll receive the next level Pimsleur Gold course in your selected language on the same 30-day risk free trial basis as level 1.
  • The total number of Pimsleur Gold courses that will be sent to you in the program depends on the language you select. All languages have a total of 3 levels of Pimsleur Gold courses that will be sent, except for the following: Spanish, French, Italian, German and Chinese Mandarin have 4 levels. Japanese 4, Spanish 5, and French 5 are expected late in 2014.
    Modern Greek and Korean have 2 levels.
    Egyptian Arabic, Chinese Cantonese, Polish and Vietnamese each have only 1 level.
  • As a valued Pimsleur member in the Rapid Fluency Purchase Program we will ship you new levels of the Pimsleur language course series, on the same 30-day risk free trial basis, as they become available from the publisher. We will consider you eligible for these updates for up to two years after your initial enrollment in the Rapid Fluency Purchase Program.
  • Pay only four monthly payments of $64 for each course you keep past your 30-day risk free trial.
Cancellation Information:
  • You may cancel future shipments any time by calling 1-877-802-5283. You pay only for the Pimsleur language courses you decide to keep.
Remember, there's never an immediate obligation to buy any course because of the 30-day risk free trial period provided with each shipment. And you may cancel future shipments at any time by calling 1-877-802-5283.

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