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Language Learning Resources

The Pimsleur Approach is so powerful, and will allow you to speak a new language so quickly, that you may find yourself not only amazed and delighted at your newfound abilities, but also extremely motivated to delve more deeply into the language you've chosen to learn.

You know how great it feels when you succeed at your goals? Sometimes it can become addictive! That's why we are offering extended language learning resources for those students who are passionate about augmenting their language studies. Here, you will find essential vocab lists, quizzes, articles, resources, and more to supplement your language learning program. Please feel free to enjoy them and share them with others.

Language Learning Resources
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We are pleased to offer you these Spanish language resources to make learning Spanish easy and motivating.

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To support you in your quest to learn Italian, we offer you a comprehensive list of helpful Italian learning resources.

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Below is a list of French resources to help you fully enjoy working toward your goal of learning French.

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To help you further your German education, here is a list of German language-learning resources which you'll find very helpful.

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Learning Brazilian Portuguese is fun and exciting. These resources will help make your learning even more enjoyable.

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To support you in your quest to learn Polish, we offer you a comprehensive list of helpful Polish learning resources.

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To assist you in learning Arabic, we are sharing our extensive list of Arabic language resources in order to help you learn faster.

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