Arabic Learning Resources

When you learn Arabic with the Pimsleur Approach it opens up a whole new world of excitement and opportunity, and may leave you wanting to delve even deeper into the rich cultures and languages of the Middle East. If you find yourself motivated to take your language study to that next step, then these free Arabic resources are for you.

We have carefully compiled a collection of grammar guides, articles, vocabulary lists, and links to the best Arabic content from around the web. So whether you are just looking to dip a toe into Arabic, or dive into the deep end, we've got you covered with these fun and free Arabic resources!

Arabic Language Resources

Arabic Grammar Guides

Arabic grammar differs from English quite a bit. Use this quick-reference guide to stay on track and make sure you're using the right tenses, word order, etc.


Useful Links for Learning Arabic

Use these lists to find Arabic language online games, quizzes, printable flashcards, dictionaries, and much more.


Arabic Vocabulary Lists

Need to get around while traveling? Want to make sure you order the right thing at a restaurant? These situation-specific vocabulary lists will help.


Arabic Articles

Find out the benefits of learning Arabic, the history and origin of the language, and more.

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