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French Lesson Plans

Teachers perform an incredibly important job. Molding and shaping the very fabric of our future is a critical task worthy of respect and admiration. As a teacher, you've got an enormous workload as you try to balance a huge "to do" list. In the midst of running your classroom, reading essays, attending meetings and keeping up with your ongoing educational requirements, you have to come up with inspiring, fun and useable lesson plans. This can be quite a challenge when weighed against the rest of your task list!

That's why we've created this set of free French lesson plans just for you. Our French lesson plans are designed with you and your students in mind. They were created by native speakers who are also professional French language teachers. Your students will be immediately engaged as you present these fun yet challenging French lessons which integrate games, working in groups, and multimedia presentations to teach a variety of exciting themes.

You'll find French lessons that include an extensive plan, ideas for activities, a list of materials, worksheets, quizzes and more. Choose from the topics below for complete French lesson plans you can download, print and carry right into the classroom. These French lesson plans are ready right "out of the box" as-is, or, you can customize them to suit your individual class' needs.

By themselves or as a supplement to the Pimsleur Approach French language learning program, these French lesson plans will get your students excited about learning.

To get started, just click on a category below and begin downloading and printing French lesson plans for your students:

French Lesson Plans
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Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format

Describe and Compare

A multi-leveled lesson for intermediate students, this plan focuses on vocabulary, grammar, communication and culture. Utilizing interactive learning, kids will participate in groups and play a variety of games to learn how to describe and compare physical traits of people. An emphasis on remaining polite is prevalent throughout. Assessment materials such as quizzes and worksheets are closely tied in with the lesson to round out the experience.

Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format

Culinary Culture (May I take your order?)

Students will enjoy learning how to ask for food politely in a restaurant and explore typical French meals and food vocabulary terms . Using a variety of media, students will work in groups, play games and participate in writing activities. Grammar plays an important role in this lesson, particularly focusing on quantity, tense and « partitifs ». Quizzes and worksheets are included for assessment.

Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format

The Future

Designed for students who have already reached the A1 level, this plan centers on the grammatical tense futur simple. Having already learned conditionnel and passé compose, students can move into expressing the future with verbs ending in IR and ER. Students will work in groups and present a fun role-playing skit which incorporates fortune-telling and predictions. Quizzes and worksheets are available for assessment.

Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format


Advanced students who have already learned présent and passé composé and conditionnel présent tenses and who know some hobby vocabulary will benefit most from this lesson. By the end the lesson, students will be able to talk with others about which hobbies they participate in and ask others about their preferences in hobbies, sports, art and music. The use of games and group activities enhances the learning experience, while quizzes and worksheets help with assessment.

Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format


This is a great lesson plan designed for students who are at the beginner to intermediate levels. Using jobs and professions as a framework, this lesson plan works through key grammar and vocabulary using fun and creative activities. By the end of the lesson students will be able to express goals, speak about jobs, and use masculine and feminine rules.

Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format


This lesson plan is all about family! With fun and creative activities intermediate students will not only learn how to talk about their families, but how to talk about what they do with them. Using jokes and stories students will learn how to ask questions, and speak about future hopes and dreams. This lesson will also cover key family related vocabulary, as well as French names!

    Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format


Designed for intermediate to advanced students, this lesson will focus on different combinations of tenses. They will learn to understand language surrounding the hypothetical, and how to tell the difference between what is hypothetical and what is literal. As part of the exercises, students will be asked to write and recite poetry together and will also gain a better understanding of how the tenses can be combined together to express complex ideas.

Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format

The house

In this lesson student will explore the home. Beginners can utilize vocabulary related to common household objects and also learn how to use the interrogative and negative. Using new adjectives they will learn, students will be asked to design and label their dream homes, and to describe how they would decorate the rooms.

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