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German Learning Resources

When you learn German with the Pimsleur Approach, you will be astounded at how quickly you start conversing in German.  German words and phrases will roll off your tongue and you'll amaze your friends and family. If you've chosen Pimsleur to learn to speak German, you're probably the type of person who finds learning a new language fast to be extremely motivating. With this motivation and positive forward momentum, you may want to explore additional German resources to supplement your learning activities.

To satisfy your intellectual curiosity and thirst for knowledge, we've compiled a comprehensive list of German resources to augment your studies. Below, you'll find engaging quizzes, fascinating articles, indispensible vocabulary lists, and much more. If you're a teacher, you'll love our complete lesson plan packages, which are print-ready for you to carry right into the classroom.

Enjoy these free German resources, which you'll find extremely helpful in your journey to learning German.

German Language Resources

German Vocabulary Lists

These at-a-glance vocabulary guides will help you in specific situations, like ordering food in a restaurant, asking for directions, shopping and more:


Useful Links for Learning German

These lists of German resources include dictionaries, Websites about German language and culture, German language-learning games, helpful links for children who are learning German and much more:


German Articles

Here you will find fabulous articles on everything from German language history to tips to perfect your German accent, and beyond:


German Grammar Guides

Grammar is important, and using the proper forms, tenses and sentence structure is crucial to good communication. These handy guides will help you stay on track:


German Lesson Plans

Our comprehensive lesson plans were written by teachers, for teachers. Use them to teach kids how to order food, how to identify family members, how to explain weather conditions, as well as all the nouns, verbs, and adjectives that go along with these everyday situations.

Games for Learning German

Focus on fun! These exciting, interactive German games will not only strengthen your German vocabulary and grammar, but will also enhance your memory skills, test your ability to beat the clock, help you learn more about German culture and challenge you to beat your own score.

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