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Italian Learning Resources

Learning a new language can be extremely motivating, and the Pimsleur Approach will help you to learn Italian so fast that you may find yourself wanting to learn even more about the language and culture of Italy. If you're passionate about learning Italian and are excited about applying what you've learned, then these free Italian resources are for you.

You'll augment your Pimsleur Approach Italian learning program, strengthen your conversational skills, increase your knowledge of vocabulary, and best of all – have fun! Here you will find in-depth, expert articles about Italy, links to websites where you can watch Italian television and radio, at-a-glance guides to specific, useful sets of vocabulary words, teacher-ready lesson plans and quizzes, and much, much more.

Italian Language Resources

Italian Vocabulary Lists

When you travel to Italy, you'll want to know how to make your way around its fabulous shopping destinations, meet and greet new people, place an order in a restaurant, order coffee, and more. These handy guides even include slang phrases:


Italian Grammar Guides

Learning Italian is fun and easy with the Pimsleur Approach, and our audio courses will have you speaking quickly with ease. As you're learning, you may have some questions about Italian grammar, especially when it comes to words that have no counterpart in English, like masculine and feminine nouns, for example. So, we've created these at-a-glance guides for your reference.


Italian Articles

Here you'll find a variety of articles on all things Italian, including an introduction to delicious Italian cuisine, Italian language history, word origins, tips to perfect your accent, and more.


Useful Links for Learning Italian

When you just can't get enough learning, view our comprehensive guides to the best Italian resources on the web. You can watch Italian TV, read magazines, play games to practice Italian, and more.


Italian Lesson Plans

Italian teachers, we've designed this section specifically for you! In it, you'll find classroom-ready, comprehensive lesson plans for your students. Each plan has been developed to provide an interactive, fun learning experience. All of our Italian plans include hands-on activities as well as assessment materials, like worksheets and quizzes. Just choose your plan, download and print:

Games for Learning Italian

Focus on fun! These exciting, interactive Italian games will not only strengthen your Italian vocabulary and grammar, but will also enhance your memory skills, test your ability to beat the clock, help you learn more about Italian culture and challenge you to beat your own score.

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