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Italian Lesson Plans

Italian Lesson Plans

Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions, but it can also be very demanding. Teachers work hard every day, and perform a huge number of tasks, often wearing multiple hats. You're expected to be a mentor, a businessperson, a researcher, a friend and sometimes even a counselor! That's a lot of multi-tasking.

Out of all of the tasks you perform each and every day, creating an endless stream of exciting and engaging lesson plans can often be one of the most time-consuming, especially for foreign language studies. So, for your convenience, we have developed a set a free Italian lesson plans for your use in the classroom.

Our Italian lesson plans:

  • Have been designed by teachers, for teachers.
  • Are fully interactive and cover a wide variety of topics.
  • Can be easily customized for different grade levels and abilities.
  • Have been specifically created to make learning Italian fun, interesting and easy for your students.

Best of all: In addition to the Italian lesson plans, we've added testing and assessment materials like worksheets and quizzes that relate specifically to each lesson plan. Answer keys are also included for added convenience.

Feel free to use these Italian lesson plans and assessment materials exactly as-is, or to customize them by incorporating your own ideas and activities. They can stand on their own or be used as supplementary materials along with the Pimsleur Approach Italian language learning program.

Choose from the categories below and get started downloading and printing Italian lesson plans for your
use in the classroom:

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Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format

Food and Drink

Vocabulary is stressed in this lesson plan, including names of foods and words about the smell and taste of food. Students will learn about parts of the human body and their corresponding vocabulary words. Fun activities include building a food pyramid, and for older students, creating a PowerPoint presentation. Worksheets and quizzes are included in this unit for assessment.

Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format

Book Report

Using the book "All The Way To America: The Story of a Big Italian Family and a Little Shovel", students will use a dictionary to build vocabulary about family, means of transportation, geography and professions. They will build a family tree, discuss family relationships and learn about direct and indirect/reported speech. Worksheets and quizzes will be used for assessment.

Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format


By exploring different weather-related topics, students will strengthen their vocabulary, learn future and past tense parts of speech, and improve their listening skills. Activities will include writing sentences and paragraphs, making weather forecasts and creating flashcards. Worksheets and quizzes round out the unit.

Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format


In this lesson, students will learn about the most important sports in Italy, including football (soccer). Using the dictionary and an interview format, students will develop questions and answers about which sports they like and why sports are important. A game of charades will delight them as they mimic and then guess different sports using Italian words. Assessment materials include worksheets and quizzes.

Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format

Culinary Culture

Students will explore Italian food culture in this unit, including agricultural production, the types of foods most commonly consumed in Italy and types of religious/traditional foods. They will learn to work in groups and translate recipes. Older students will create and cook an Italian meal to share with friends and family. Quizzes and worksheets are also included.

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