Asking for Directions –
Essential Italian Vocabulary List

Even though most Italian cities are smaller than many cities in the US, they have a complex street system which doesn't follow any type of pattern or grid.

The ancient Romans weren't too big on formal city planning, so sometimes the way the roads are laid out can be confusing, and it's easy to get lost, especially when your brain is in a fog from eating too much pasta and gelato.

When exploring the public transportation system, it's vitally important to know the basic words and phrases you will need to make your way around.

This guide will come in handy when trying to navigate the system.

Asking for Directions
  Phrase in Italian Phrase in English Pronunciation
Mi scusi/Scusa Excuse me (Formal/Informal) Mee scuh-see/Scuh-sah
Dove si trova... Where is... Doh-veh see troh-vah
Dove sono? Where am I? Doh-veh soh-noh
La mappa The map Lah mah-pah
Destra Right Dehs-trah
Sinistra Left See-nee-strah
Diritto Straight Dee-reet-toh
Indietro Back Een-dee-eh-troh
Di là Over there Dee lah
Di qua Over here Dee qu-ah
Semaforo Stoplight She-mah-foh-roh
Piazza Plaza Piahz-zah
Strada/Via Street Strah-dah/Vee-ah
Ristorante Restaurant Ree-stoh-rahn-teh
Metropolitana Subway Meh-troh-poh-lee-tah-nah
Autobus Bus Aoo-toh-boos
Taxi Taxi Taxi
Macchina Car Mah-kee-nah
In macchina By car Een Mah-kee-nah
A piedi By foot Ah piehd-dee
Albergo/Hotel Hotel Ahl-behr-goh
E' lontano? Is it far away? Eh lohn-tah-noh
Indirizzo Address Een-dee-ree-tsoh
Nord North Nohrd
Sud South Sood
Est East Ehst
Ovest West Oh-vehst
Sciopero Strike Sho-peh-roh
Stazione Station Stah-zee-oh-neh
Aeroporto Airport Ah-eh-roh-pohr-toh

Slang/Commonly Used Expressions:

Expression in Italian Expression in English Pronunciation
Mi sono perso/a! I'm lost! Mee soh-noh pehr-soh/Mee soh-noh pehr-sah
C'è uno sciopero? Is there a strike? Cheh oo-noh sho-peh-roh
Autostop Hitchhike Aoo-toh-stohp
Mi potrebbe portare a.../Mi potresti portare a... Could you take me to... (Formal/Informal) Mee poh-trehb-beh pohr-tah-reh ah/Mee poh-treh-stee pohr-tah-reh ah

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