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Portuguese Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans For Teachers

One of the most crucial and time-consuming parts of being a teacher is the development of fun, creative, fresh and engaging lesson plans. Without lesson plans, the vast rewards of teaching would never be realized.

Because we know your time is limited and valuable, we've created this set of Brazilian Portuguese lesson plans for your use. They're written by and for teachers, and they're ready to be downloaded and carried right into the classroom.

Our Brazilian Portuguese lesson plans are very comprehensive, and they include a complete package that consists of a main lesson plan, worksheets and quizzes. Your students will love working with the activities in the package, including games, interactive multimedia tasks, working in groups and more. Use the plans as-is or customize them for your particular classroom.

Whether you use these Brazilian Portuguese lesson plans on their own, or as a supplement to the Pimsleur language learning program. they'll get your kids excited and motivated about their Brazilian Portuguese studies.

To get started, just click on a category below and begin downloading and printing Brazilian Portuguese lesson plans for your students:

To get started, just click on a category below and begin downloading and printing Portuguese lesson plans for your students:

Portuguese Lesson Plans
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Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format

Dining Out

Students will enjoy learning how to order food in a restaurant and discussing typical mealtimes and food culture in Brazil . Using a variety of media, students will work in groups, play games and participate in writing activities. Grammar plays an important role in this lesson, and the worksheets focus on strong grammar skills. Quizzes are also included for assessment.

Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format


This vocabulary-focused lesson plan is adaptable to different grade levels. By the end of the lesson, students will have increased their knowledge about weather terminology, the seasons and weather-appropriate clothing. Students will also improve their conversational skills by working in groups. Worksheets, games and activities are provided for engaging interactivity.

Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format


Vocabulary is emphasized in this plan which explores family relationships and is geared toward elementary-level students. Students will discuss their own families, learn vocabulary words to describe family relationships, play games and work in groups. Quizzes complete the assessment tools.

Lesson Plan files are in .PDF format

Book Report

In this lesson, the book featured is "Victoria Goes To Brazil (Children Return To Their Roots)". Using the book as a foundation for the lesson, students will expand their vocabulary about a wide variety of topics including sports, food, music, family and more. They will also learn about the geography of Brazil, and improve their Brazilian Portuguese reading and writing skills. Worksheets and quizzes complete the package.

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