Ordering Food in a Restaurant
Brazilian Portuguese Vocabulary List

Ordering food in a restaurant may seem easy, but if the waiter doesn’t speak the same language as you, the simplest request may turn into a nightmare. How do you ask for a table in the patio or ask if there is live music playing? How do you understand the most basic information on the menu or ask to have your food prepared a certain way?

There are many restaurants in Brazil where you can speak English and pick your choices from an English menu, but sometimes the best restaurants and the ones that most represent the local flavor are hidden gems. These restaurants will also more than likely require you to speak Portuguese.

Here’s a list of some useful words and expressions you might need when dining in Brazil:

Dining Out in Brazil
  Phrase in Brazilian Portuguese Phrase in English Pronunciation
  Reserva Reservation Reh-sehr-vah
  Grupo de… Party of… Groop-u djee
  Mesa Table Meh-zah
  Sala de jantar Dining room Sah-lah djee jan-tahr
  Pátio Patio Pah-tee-u
  Garçom/garçonete Waiter (Masc./Fem.) Gar-som/Gar-son-eh-tjee
  Por favor… Excuse me… Pohr fah-vohr
  Pedido Order Peh-djee-du
  Prato Dish Prah-tu
  Menu Menu Meh-nu
  Prato principal Main course Prah-tu prin-ci-pahl
  Copo/xícara Cup Coh-pu/shee-cah-rah
  Água Water Ah-goo-ah
  Bebida Drink Beh-bee-dah
  Almoço Lunch Al-moh-su
  Jantar Dinner Jan-tahr
  Aperitivo Appetizer Ah-per-ee-tee-vu
  Peixe Fish Pey-sheh
  Carne Meat Cahr-nee
  Sopa Soup Soh-pah
  Sobremesa Dessert Soh-breh-meh-zah
  Está uma delícia! It’s delicious! Esh-tah oo-mah deh-lee-ceea
  Crú Raw Crew
  Mal passado Medium rare Mahl pas-sah-du
  Bem passado Well done Beim pas-sah-du
  Bife Steak Bee-fee
  Vinho Wine Veen-noh
  Cerveja Beer Ser-veh-jah
  Café Coffee Cah-feh
  A conta, por favor! Check, please! Ah con-tah, pohr fah-vohr!
  Gorjeta Tip Gohr-jeh-tah
  Eu gostaria de pedir, por favor. I would like to order, please. Aeu gos-tar-ee-a de peh-deer, pohr fah-vohr
  A sobremesa estava divina! The dessert was to die for! Ah soh-breh-meh-zah est-a-va dji-vee-na!
  Estou com pressa! I’m in a hurry! Esh-toe com press-ah!
  Servem café da manhã? Do you serve breakfast? Ser-vem cah-feh dah mahn-nah?!

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