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Spanish Learning Games

Finding ways to have fun while learning a new language can be critical to your success. The Pimsleur Approach offers a number of Spanish learning games that can be a supplement for kids and adults alike. When you're looking for a new way to incorporate Spanish into your everyday life, learning games are a perfect option.

Our interactive Spanish language games are a great way to have fun and strengthen your language skills. Use our fun Spanish games to learn more about Spanish words, grammar, and sentence structure. We have games that teach color names, introduce you to Spanish food, and help you understand the weather, all while testing your memory for the Spanish language.

Choose from the games below to play and learn Spanish.

Spanish Color Game

Spanish Colors Game

Have fun using drag 'n' drop to solve word puzzles by completing Spanish words and sentences.

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Spanish Weather Game

Spanish Weather Game

Try to make predictions about the weather while testing your Spanish language skills.

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Spanish Memory Game

Spanish Memory Game

A game of skill and memory, this flash card game lets you uncover English and Spanish translations of words and phrases.

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Spanish Food Game

Spanish Match-Up Quiz

Complete Spanish sentences, match food items with their terms and learn your score as you move through different levels of quizzes.

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Spanish Games
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