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The Priceless Gifts You Gain with the Pimsleur Approach

A Czech proverb says "You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once."

How many times have you spent just a few days... and gained a new life? That is what really begins to happens when you start your new language through the Pimsleur Approach.

For a new language brings you new possibilities. The opportunity to find new friends, to get on better with colleagues, discover new career possibilities, enter a new culture.

You may even embrace a new way of thinking – because there are subtle ways in which different cultures approach life, which may be what that Czech proverb means.

But it all starts with the basics – the right words for each situation. They are what you need in practice, every day. And they are what Pimsleur gives you, starting with your very first half hour lesson.

Words and Phrases you can't do Without

Words are the building blocks of language. You use them to build sentences and talk to other people. That's why common words and phrases are pretty much the first things the Pimsleur Approach teaches you – the expressions you need in any language.

From the very start, you discover how to greet people and part from them (hello, goodbye); to ask useful questions (How much does this cost? What do you do?); to introduce yourself (my name is...); to find out about other people (Where do you live?);to find directions (where is the railway station), and much more.

In fact Pimsleur Approach starts by giving you those words and phrases you just can't do without.

Don't Worry about Grammar

Grammar varies enormously from one language to another. Some nouns can be male, female or even gender-neutral. So the grammar you absorbed as a child without thinking may not be much help.

But you don't have to worry about the technicalities with the Pimsleur Approach. It has you picking up the most essential grammar without even being aware how it happened. You're speaking your new language without being confused by complicated grammar. Once you grasp the basics you're not fazed by understanding more advanced grammar later.

How to Converse with Ease

Let's face it, starting a conversation can be a little intimidating, especially with someone you don't know, in a new language. You naturally fear making mistakes and sounding silly to the "locals".

The Pimsleur Approach gives you not just the ability but the confidence to strike up conversations without fear of embarrassment. You pick up the right way to start a conversation, the right responses to common questions and phrases - you'll be comfortable striking up basic conversations with the locals in no time.

How to Avoid Saying the "Wrong Thing"

It's one thing to pronounce a word incorrectly, or use the wrong word. That's a little embarrassing.

But it's quite another to insult or offend someone by unknowingly using a word or phrase that's unacceptable in everyday conversation. That can turn a mildly embarrassing situation into something like an international incident!

Just by following your Pimsleur courses you begin to grasp the correct way to reply to questions and statements.

The Right Words in the Right Place

The simplest things that you never think about in your own language can be an agonizing challenge in someone else's language.

That's why the Pimsleur Approach teaches you the right ones for many of the situations where you're likely to find yourself.

There are quite a few words and phrases you need, aren't there? Ones relating to travel so you won't get lost, but can ask for help if you do; how to reply to personal questions by telling people about yourself and your family; how to order food, buy things or ask questions in restaurants or shops.

Pimsleur Approach prepares you for the everyday situations you come across that can be a challenge.

How to Enjoy and Appreciate Your New Culture

Once you begin to understand a new language, a new world also begins to open up to you. Not only do you appreciate the arts more, but you can start to learn about new cultures and even the history of your new language.

Seeing how a language is formed, and how it is similar to – or differs from – your native language gives you a greater understanding of the world, and how we communicate with one another

This is what Pimsleur Approach gives you – but you gain so much more! How to reach out to others and start friendships. How to get around in unfamiliar places without having to depend on a translator or a dictionary. And – a surprising bonus – starting to understand what those subtitles don't tell you!

But most of all, you gain confidence, and a sense of accomplishment. Order Pimsleur Approach today. A new language is not just a new challenge. It sets you apart. It really does give you another life.

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How to Enjoy and Appreciate Your New Culture
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