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The answer is simple.

It's quicker, it's easier and it's the natural way to pick up any language –
because it's the way we learn as children.

And to quell any doubts you may have, it comes with a full, no-questions asked
"you must be delighted – or else" guarantee.

So if you want to pick up a new language and you have no time to waste,
why not try Pimsleur?

  • We'll have you start speaking in 10 days, or you pay nothing. Strike up basic conversations, amaze your friends and shock the locals!
  • It comes in easy half hour "bites" on MP3 or iPod compatible audio.
  • No memorizing, no need for intense concentration - just listen, repeat and you end up speaking.
  • No text book or dictionary required, and no struggling with grammar.
  • You learn whenever it suits you - on the go or while performing simple tasks that require little concentration – jogging, simple household chores - even cooking.
  • You will amaze locals with how natural you sound - because you'll be learning from a native speaker.
  • You speak confidently because Pimsleur fixes the right words and phrases naturally in your brain, without you struggling
  • You don't struggle to remember a word – and you pick up the grammar naturally, subconsciously.
  • Social or business occasions are a piece of cake because you gain your new language through conversations based on real situations.
  • In just 10 days you pick up the things you really need to know. How to ask directions. What to say in a meeting. How to order a meal. How to buy in a shop. How to be polite. How to make friends.
  • After your very first half hour lesson, you're speaking simple phrases in your new language.

All these things occur with less effort than traditional learning methods on your part just as you learned English as a child. You're "drinking it in" while walking the dog, driving to the shops or even cooking . . . just listening and repeating, building your skill almost without knowing it.

Can Speaking a New Language Really be That Easy?

You're skeptical – most people are. And that's why we make this simple promise:

Invest 10 days with us for just half an hour a day, and you'll start speaking a new language – or you pay nothing.

Why not order right now, here? Make it the very next thing you do.

A Wise Investment in Your Life and Your Future

There are many ways you can invest your time and money. But how many can match your ability to speak a new language?

Think of a sales situation or business relationship you'd like to establish. If you can carry out a conversation in the language but your competitor can't, who will get the customer?

Think of a dinner party in a strange town with people you have just met. You'd like to make friends. To know what sights to see. To know what only the locals know. To be an insider, not an outsider. How vital your new language will be!

Your new language will be a lasting benefit. An accomplishment that stays with you all your life. It is a priceless asset. It opens a new world to you. New ways of thinking. New sophistication and polish.

You make friends and contacts more easily. You are better in business. You have a new social life. Your intellectual horizons expand. You gain greater respect.

All these things are just within your grasp. You just have to try Pimsleur - so successful that over 25 million people across the world have relied on it to learn a new language. Why not join them?

Because if you don't get the results you have been reading about here, we refund your payment in full without question.

Just order now, the minute you finish reading this. It's all just one click of a mouse away.

Learn to Speak  Special Offer

Pimsleur Promise Try Pimsleur with confidence. We offer a no-risk, 100% unconditional, 30-day money back guarantee.

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