Can We Really Have You Speaking Italian in Just Ten Days?

Lock in fundamental language material after just one listen! Join in simple, every day Italian conversations - the kind you really have in a country. Like meeting someone, introducing yourself, ordering a drink. Think about how you first learned English as a child. Were you hunched over a desk, surrounded by textbooks, trying to make sense of grammar tables and word declensions, and afraid to say one word in case your accent wasn't perfect?

No. You just listened to everyone speaking around you, and... spoke! With the Pimsleur method, you learn Italian like you learned your first language...The natural way.

Our short, snappy 30 minute lessons will fit easily in with your lifestyle, and are designed to have you start speaking quickly and naturally... like you would if you lived in Italy. And if you're not thrilled with your progress, you don't pay - Guaranteed. Try it out and see for yourself!

It's Important to Learn Italian

Why it's Important to Learn Italian

Italian is considered the language of opera, art, gastronomy, and of love. It is spoken in more than 30 countries today.

If you learn Italian, you'll gain many opportunities that would otherwise not be available to you. Perhaps you work for a company with offices in Italy. This is even more of a possibility if you work in the fashion industry. Being able to speak Italian will mean you're able to communicate with employees who work overseas, and you may even be sent to Italy for work because of your language skills.

Traveling through Italy, or any of the other countries where Italian is spoken, will be much more enjoyable if you speak Italian. You won't be so dependent on others for help communicating, you'll be able to negotiate with vendors, and you'll be less likely to be taken advantage of by conmen who prey on tourists. And any overseas vacation is made better by the ability to talk to the people who live in the country you're visiting.

Speaking Italian will also allow you to enjoy Italian films, music, and art in a way you couldn't before. Knowing the language can help you fully experience a country's culture, and appreciate it even more.

Speak Italian in 10 Days

Conversational Italian vs. Academic Italian

When you study Italian in a class or by reading textbooks, it can be a long, drawn-out process to get through before you're able to actually hold a conversation with someone. You must first memorize grammar, spelling, and structure before you can move on.

With Pimsleur, you can jump ahead right to the conversational aspect of language. You hear a native speaker say the words and phrases you'll need to communicate, and learn by simply listening to how they're pronounced and put together. Right off the bat, you'll learn everyday, helpful phrases, while absorbing grammar and vocabulary.
For example:

Che ore sono? – What time is it?
Mi chiamo… – My name is…
Dove è la stazione? – Where is the train station?
Vorrei un caffè per favore. – I would like an espresso please.

By learning Italian the natural way, using idiomatic expressions the Italians actually use rather than textbook phrases, you will benefit by speaking Italian that is "real" rather than academic.

Pimsleur Italian is the Best Way to Learn Italian

The Radical Way to Learn Italian

Dr Pimsleur hit on the logical, right way to teach language after 20 intensive years of research, coupled with years studying his own children. The success of the Pimsleur method lies in Dr Pimsleur's four scientific principles, which replicate the natural, quick way that children learn language. Discover more about how the Pimsleur Approach works.

Whether you are ordering a meal on the Italian Riviera, entertaining clients, or just simply ensuring that your travel in Italy goes smoothly, Pimsleur Approach equips you with the right words or phrases that will roll off your tongue. Find out what you'll learn with the Pimsleur Approach.

Learn Facts about Italian

Italian Facts

More than 65 million people speak Italian as a first language. Another 20 million speak it as a second language. Italian speakers live across Europe, South America (it is the second most spoken language in Argentina), and even in African countries like Libya, which was a former Italian colony.

Italian is the fifth most-taught second language. It comes in after English, Spanish, French, and German, respectively.

More than one country calls Italian the official language. After Italy, with about 70 million native speakers, Italian is also the official language of Vatican City, of San Marino, a republic on the Italian peninsula, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, and is one of the four official languages of Switzerland.

Italian culture has permeated music, food, architecture, design and science. As a result, many words of Italian origin are commonly used in English such as cappuccino, pizza, piano, balcony, carpet, fiasco, fresco, algebra, coffee, diva and more.

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