Can We Really Have You Speaking Japanese in Just Ten Days?

Lock in fundamental language material after just one listen! Join in simple, every day Japanese conversations – the kind you really have in a country. Like meeting someone, introducing yourself, ordering a drink. Hard to believe, isn't it? Till you ask yourself one simple question: How did you learn English as a child? Did you wade through text books? Did you struggle with grammar? Did you drive yourself crazy trying to get the accent right?

No. You just "picked it up." You heard adults speak, and you uttered your first word. Well, that's how the Pimsleur method works. It's the natural way to learn Japanese.

In easy half hour "bites" on CD, our scientifically sequenced lessons will have you speaking Japanese the way the Japanese do–or you pay nothing. Guaranteed. Just give it a try.

It's Important to Learn Japanese

Why it's Important to Learn Japanese

The Japanese people have a very strong sense of pride in their country. Honor is a touchstone of the Japanese culture, and language is a big part of retaining that honor. It is extremely important to the older generations to retain their Japanese language skills, and while some younger generations speak English as their first language, they are expected to learn Japanese. Learning Japanese is still an integral part of being Japanese, or being accepted into their culture if you were not born into it.

Nisei and Sensei (children and grandchildren of Japanese immigrants respectively) or those born to Japanese and American parents may like to journey to Japan to find and connect with extended family members. The ability to communicate with these relatives could only make such an experience richer and more fulfilling.

Whether traveling to Japan for family, business or just to explore the vibrant culture, learning to speak Japanese will make the trip all the more memorable and interesting.

Speak Japanese in 10 Days

Conversational Japanese vs. Academic Japanese

Like other Asian languages, Japanese does not use the Latin alphabet, but instead uses a system of symbols that represent both letters and entire words. In fact, the Japanese system combines Chinese characters called kanji, and two other sets of modified Chinese characters known as hiragana and katakana. Imagine trying to learn three sets of thousands of characters in order to speak a new language. How long would that take you?

Use Pimsleur Japanese instead, and it won't take you nearly as long to become conversational in the language. There's no memorization of characters, no time spent learning how to draw them, and no stress in trying to learn to read them. Hearing a language spoken is a much easier method of learning–you simply listen and repeat. The native speakers in the audio lessons will walk you through pronouncing key words and phrases so you're able to become conversational in a fraction of the time it would take you to learn Japanese in a class or from a book.

Pimsleur Japanese is the Best Way to Learn Japanese

A Logical Way to Learn Japanese

Only after 20 years of scientific research did Dr. Pimsleur hit upon the right method to teach language–by watching his own children. Children have the ability to pick up languages quickly and naturally. What makes Pimsleur courses so successful are the specific scientific principles that replicate the speed and ease at which children learn languages. Read more about how this unique system–which has been purchased by the FBI–works.

No matter what situation you find yourself in–making new friends at a party, in a business meeting or negotiation, or just asking the way to the railway station or a good restaurant–you will find Pimsleur has given you the right Japanese words and phrases, the ones that come naturally, without thinking. Read more about what you'll learn with Pimsleur.

Learn Facts about Japanese

Japanese Facts

The characters that comprise Japan's name mean "sun origin." This is where the country got its common nickname, the "Land of the Rising Sun."

Approximately 130 million people worldwide speak Japanese. It is the official language of Japan and Palau, and a secondary language in many countries across Asia, South America, North America, and in Australia.

Japanese language origins can be traced back to the mid-second century BCE. While the early language was spoken at that time, the art of writing had not yet been introduced, so there were no written records of the country's history until about the eighth century CE.

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