Will You Really Be Speaking Spanish in Just Ten Days?

Lock in fundamental language material after just one listen! Join in simple, every day Spanish conversations – the kind you really have in a country. Like meeting someone, introducing yourself, ordering a drink. It might sound impossible, but it really works. You can learn Spanish at lightning speed. In fact, within the first week you could be confidently having basic conversations!

The Pimsleur method gets you speaking Spanish the way it was meant to be learned – the way you learned it as a child. Rather than dealing with cumbersome textbooks and difficult rules of grammar, our lessons help you “pick up” the language naturally, so you can speak it naturally.

Our lessons come in easy half-hour segments on CD, specifically sequenced to get you speaking Spanish the natural way. And if it doesn’t work for you, you don’t pay for the lessons – guaranteed! Try it risk-free.

It's Important to Learn Spanish

Why it's Important to Learn Spanish

Spanish is quickly becoming the most frequently spoken language in the United States, second to English. In addition, millions of people speak Spanish worldwide, so learning this ubiquitous language will allow you to communicate with people around the globe.

Learning Spanish will give you several opportunities in both your personal and professional life. Several companies have offices in Spain, Mexico, South America, and many other countries where Spanish is spoken. By having Spanish on your résumé, you'll make yourself more valuable to your company because you'll be able to communicate with overseas employees, and assist in the management of those locations.

Traveling in Spain, Latin America or any of the countries where Spanish is the primary language, will be an infinitely more enjoyable experience if you speak Spanish. It will make you more independent, and reduce the possibility that you'll get lost, or fall victim to those who would take advantage of tourists. And no trip overseas is complete without being able to talk to the people who live there. Plus, when you speak the language you increase your chances of finding those off the beaten path gems to make your trip even more memorable.

If you're a foreign film buff, imagine being able to enjoy Spanish films without subtitles. You'll also be able to read Spanish literature and listen to Spanish music with a new appreciation, experiencing new art and artists like never before.

Speak Spanish in 10 Days

Conversational Spanish vs. Academic Spanish

In order to learn Spanish by traditional means, you need books. You start by learning vocabulary and grammar, and then try and figure out how to put them together in order to actually speak. The process can take weeks or even months before you can hold your own in a conversation.

Not with the Pimsleur Approach. From the beginning, you hear everything put together the way it naturally flows in conversation, not just individual parts of speech. You learn by listening, not by rote memorization of verbs, nouns, and conjugation. Right away with Pimsleur Spanish, you'll start learning the important phrases that will really come in handy. For example:

¿Qué hora es? – What time is it?
Me llamo… – My name is…
¿Dônde está la estaciôn del tren? – Where is the train station?
Un café por favor. – One coffee please.

By learning Spanish the natural way, using idiomatic expressions the Spanish actually use rather than textbook phrases, you will benefit by speaking Spanish that is "real" rather than academic.

Pimsleur Spanish is the Best Way to Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish the Scientific Way

How did Dr. Pimsleur discover the most effective way to teach language? The answer might surprise you – he watched his own children. Children learn language differently from adults outside the classroom, picking up words and phrases naturally rather than struggling with textbooks.

The Pimsleur courses put this principle to work, teaching you language the proven, natural way. Pimsleur's methods are so effective, his system has been purchased by the FBI.

Using our courses, you can learn to speak Spanish wherever you go – in business negotiations, casual conversation, or just asking directions while traveling. Most importantly, you'll be able to speak Spanish naturally, without trying to recall proper accents or obscure grammatical rules. Learn more about the Pimsleur courses and what they can do for you.

Learn Facts about Spanish

Spanish Facts

By the year 2050, ten percent of the world's population will speak Spanish. It is also projected that at that time, the United States will be the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. Not knowing the language will be severely limiting as more and more people become bilingual.

Because its roots are in Latin, Spanish is a gateway to learning other Romance languages, and even languages from other parts of the world. French, Italian, Portuguese, and other languages become easier to pick up once you've learned Spanish. And you may be surprised to know Spanish shares many cognates with unrelated languages such as Russian, German, and even English.

Spanish is one of the most phonetic languages in the world. Knowing how a word is spelled makes it very easy to know how to pronounce it. This also makes it one of the easiest languages to learn quickly.

It's a small world after all. Though there are differences in vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation between Spanish spoken in Spain and Latin American Spanish, there are still enough similarities to facilitate communication.

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