Can We Really Have You Speaking Turkish in Just Ten Days?

Lock in fundamental language material after just one listen! Join in simple, every day Turkish conversations – the kind you really have in a country. Like meeting someone, introducing yourself, ordering a drink. Hard to believe, isn't it? Till you ask yourself one simple question: How did you learn English as a child? Did you wade through text books? Did you struggle with grammar? Did you drive yourself crazy trying to get the accent right?

No. You just "picked it up." You heard adults speak, and you uttered your first word. Well, that's how the Pimsleur method works. It's the natural way to learn Turkish.

In easy half hour "bites" on CD, our scientifically sequenced lessons will have you speaking Turkish the way the Turkish do–or you pay nothing. Guaranteed. Just give it a try.

It's Important to Learn Turkish

Why it's Important to Learn Turkish

Turkey is home to one of the oldest cultures in the world. It's a democratic republic, and Turks are a very proud people. Because of its geographic location, and its strong economy, Turkey is one of the most powerful and respected countries in the world.

Since the 1980s, the Turkish economy has been moving towards a market-based model with an emphasis on private-sector business. It has reduced government limits on foreign trade and investment, making the country more inviting to multinational companies. Turkey is also a major producer of appliances and consumer electronics, and boasts one of the fastest growing airlines in the world. Speaking Turkish opens up a large number of opportunities in many industry sectors.

Tourism is also flourishing in Turkey. Tens of millions of people visit the country every year. In addition to its many historical sites, Turkey offers beautiful seaside resorts and gorgeous beaches along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Learn Turkish before you visit the country, and you'll appreciate even more the amazing sites like the Blue Mosque found in Istanbul, and you'll be able to effectively bargain at the city's Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar as well.

Speak Turkish in 10 Days

Conversational Turkish vs. Academic Turkish

Although Turkish uses the Latin alphabet that English does, additional letters have been added and modified to accommodate specific sounds found in the Turkish language. Turkish pronunciation is very specific, and a slip of the tongue one way or the other can mean the difference between being understood and insulting someone. Trying to ascertain these different pronunciations from a book or through writing is just not effective.

Let the Pimsleur Approach take the trepidation out of learning Turkish. You won't have to worry whether you're pronouncing everything correctly because you'll hear exactly how every word you learn should be pronounced, and you'll hear it from native speakers. By just listening to the audio lessons, you'll be able to accurately converse in Turkish in a matter of days. Whether you want to communicate with a friend, or confidently travel through a country where Turkish is spoken, you'll benefit from our lessons.

Pimsleur Turkish is the Best Way to Learn Turkish

A Logical Way to Learn Turkish

Only after 20 years of scientific research did Dr. Pimsleur hit upon the right method to teach language–by watching his own children. Children have the ability to pick up languages quickly and naturally. What makes Pimsleur courses so successful are the specific scientific principles that replicate the speed and ease at which children learn languages. Read more about how this unique system–which has been purchased by the FBI–works.

No matter what situation you find yourself in–making new friends at a party, in a business meeting or negotiation, or just asking the way to the railway station or a good restaurant–you will find Pimsleur has given you the right Turkish words and phrases, the ones that come naturally, without thinking. Read more about what you'll learn with Pimsleur.

Learn Facts about Turkish

Turkish Facts

Turkish is spoken in at least 27 countries. It is, of course, the official language of Turkey, but native speakers can also be found in countries such as Greece, Romania, and Turkmenistan, and even countries as far away as Canada and the United States.

The earliest written record of Turkish dates back nearly 1,300 years. Inscriptions were discovered on monuments located in modern Mongolia, which are thought to have been erected sometime between 732 and 735 CE.

Turkish uses many loanwords from both Arabic and Farsi (Persian). This came about to accommodate the adoption of Islam in Turkey around 950 CE.

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