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Polish Learning Resources

The Pimsleur Approach is incredibly effective at teaching you to speak Polish very fast. When you meet your goals in life, such as learning to speak a new language, you may find yourself motivated to go even further, learn more and exceed your expectations. We want to support your endeavors to learn Polish, and that’s why we are offering these free, supplementary Polish language resources to you.

If you are the type of person who is passionate about language learning, and you want to enhance your Polish language studies, these additional resources will be very helpful. Here, you’ll find essential vocabulary lists, fun quizzes, interesting articles, in-depth lesson plans for teachers, and much more to augment your Polish language program.

Polish Language Resources

Polish Vocabulary Lists

What’s the perfect thing to say when you meet someone new? What’s the best way to order food at a restaurant in Poland? These vocabulary guides will help you with these and other specific situations.


Useful Links for Learning Polish

These Websites offer you the best in additional Polish language learning resources. Enjoy playing online games, perusing translators and dictionaries, learning about Polish culture and more:


Polish Articles

Here, you can find articles that will help you learn the most common Polish phrases and expressions, delve into the delicious cuisines of Poland, perfect your Polish accent and more:


Polish Grammar Guides

Polish grammar rules differ significantly from those of English. These guides will get you on the right track, helping you to use the correct forms, tenses and structure when speaking Polish:


Polish Lesson Plans

Developed just for teachers, by teachers, these comprehensive lesson plans are ready to be used in the classroom. You can use these lesson plans to teach your class about family relationships, weather conditions, popular sports and more. Plus, your kids will also learn about Polish grammar rules and parts of speech.

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